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November 2, 2012
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DualityOCT_Damian_Thief by jetsamjunk DualityOCT_Damian_Thief by jetsamjunk
Name: Damian(last name: Maltoun)
People in nearby towns call him: "That ghost man" or "ghost freak"
Age: 20
Height: 5'11''
Faction: Thieves

Damian grew up on a small farm North of Castelia. His father died when he was about ten and his mother made him work the small amount of land they had himself, imbetween studying the good lords book(like the bible version of Arceus) She was religiously strict and would punish Damian for any mistake he may have made by either beating him or not letting him eat.
He never really interacted with other people as his mother taught him that the world was filled with sinners and could not be trusted.
Though around the time Damian was about fifteen the land had become barren and had to get a job. His mother got him a job digging graves by a local church. It was while doing this job he met a duskull who convinced him to ditch his work.
In the end Damian abandoned his mother and roamed South. He became friends with ghosts and found thrills out of doing all the things he was always told were wrong.
He has many ghost friends, mostly consisting of gastly stages but that's just it, all of his friends are ghosts. He's not well liked by others in nearby towns. He plays pranks, pickpockets, breaks into homes to see if he can and even tho' he's never been caught people know he's up to no good.

He used to hit on women regularly hoping to "get some" because his mother always told him that most women were whores and that he should never allow himself to be tempted by one. He knew that "getting some" meant sex but he never really knew what sex consisted of, not that it mattered, the only women that would let him get near them were drunk or desperate and the furthest he ever got was makin' out.

One day tho' he met Marcus Ritter, the son of the leader of the knights. At first he pulled a prank on him and tried to steal from Marcus, but in a strange line of events ended up finding himself attracted to Marcus. It didn't help that Marcus was the first person to take genuine pity on Damian and actually attempt to befriend him. They need to keep their relationship secret tho' considering Damian is apart of the thieves guild and Marcus is the son of the knights' leader.

Personality: Damian is rather playful and enjoys breaking personal boundaries. He gets in trouble often because he's pretty good at upsetting people. He's been beat up and ambushed often but normally just laughs at the pain due to his high pain tolerance which is less of a tolerance and more of him being use to it.
He is rather sweet tho' and nice to those he meets if he's not being threatened. He can loose his temper tho', all you have to do is threaten the life of one of his pokemon or friends and he will lose himself. Twice his temper resulted in him beating a pokemon, and in another situation a person, to death, both of which he feels terrible guilt over.

Geist: His absolute best friend, he's known Geist for four years for some reason Geist has yet to evolve but he is rather strong. He has a calm personality and there isn't much that phases him. He enjoys pranks just as much as his master but controls his reactions very well. He's more the type to laugh on the inside. He has a tsundere crush on Folly and acts like an older brother towards her since he can't get his real feelings out.

Folly: She's extremely playful and enjoys ambushing people in dark places by singing sad songs about how she was thrown away, only to jump the person and cling to them with her claws while laughing until they get so scared they try to run away. She has a crush on Damian (which doesn't make Geist feel any better), and gets jealous of Marcus often. Yet she won't act out on her jealousy in fear that Damian would no longer like her.
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